Joshua said that as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. His rally cry was that the people under his responsibility would serve and honor God. As men, we have to lead with same tenacity. We have a lot on our plate on a daily basis. The pressures to provide, protect, and be present can distract us from our greatest priority, and that’s being a man of God. As goes the spiritual life of a man, so goes the spiritual life of the home. LIving a Godly life is a big job. When we are faced with a big job, we know that many hands make light labor, our spiritual walk is no different. It’s important that we have others to help shoulder the load and walk in transparency with us.

LC Men’s Group meets together on the first Saturday of the month at the church. Each group begins at 8am and in this time, we will eat, laugh, and grow together, with donuts and coffee provided. Every monthly Men’s Group is an opportunity for fellowship and a short devo time together. For questions and more information, email Aaron Barth.

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