Before Living Church began, it existed in the heart of God. God laid on our hearts the belief that there’s more. Our logo is an asterisk. It’s more than a shape, it’s a symbol, reminding us that we can never be satisfied, but always striving to attain all that God has for us. We believe there’s more.

In 2010, a team of individuals began to make preparations to leave other ministry positions and full-time jobs and move to Mansfield to launch Living Church. On October 10th, 2010, Living Church opened its doors to the people of DFW. For the first 5 years, LC met in a rental facility here in Mansfield. Every week, a faithful team arrived early, braving all weather conditions, to setup and teardown everything needed to create an environment for people to connect to Jesus.

In 2014, we began searching for a permanent home. With the explosive growth in Mansfield this proved to be very challenging. After a year of searching, the Lord answered our prayers, and directed us to another church in our city. They had a need, and we had a need. God brought us together to answer the prayers of both congregations. The Lord blessed us with not only a permanent home, but some new family members to fill it. We began an 8 month full interior and exterior renovation, and on May 3rd, 2015, we celebrated the Grand Opening of our new facility.

Since moving into our new location, every aspect of ministry has grown exponentially. We’ve seen hundreds saved, dozens baptized, and have received countless stories of life transformation. We are so thankful for God’s direction and provision, but we know there’s more. We hope you’ll come and be a part of the next chapter!

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