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Parenting Advice from Jochebed (Moses’ Mother)

by Christian Conatser on Dec 17, 2014

The true story of the life of Moses is fascinating. Not only because it chronicles the beginning of the forming of Judaism, and thus Christianity, but also because we see the life of the greatest leader in history. Moses lived 120 years, and he accomplished more in his lifetime, under harsh circumstances, than any other leader ever has: opposing a political super-power, leading over half a million people through the wilderness for 40 years, and forming a governance and religion that stands as the foundation for most of this world’s governments and largest religions. It goes without saying that this was accomplished because of God alone and His mighty power, but God’s forming of this great leader began with the family into which he was born and the mother who made difficult but important decisions: Jochebed.

We don’t know very much about Jochebed, but what we do know gives us some valuable insight into parenting our children in a world that is contrary to our values and threatens to steal our children from us.

In Exodus 2:1-10, we read about the terrifying circumstances she is in as a mother. Pharaoh has commanded to have all children under 2 killed and thrown into the Nile river. Jochebed takes her newborn baby, Moses, carefully crafts a basket to place him in, then sends him down the river to where Pharaoh’s childless daughter is bathing. Unfortunately, as parents, we don’t get much choice over the world our child grows up in. Like Jochebed, there comes a point early in a child’s life when we must send them off to interact with this broken world. Moses’ mother had no choice but to send him out, but she was sure to encase him in a protective covering before she did. Today, the threats are much more subtle than what was coming from Pharaoh, but they are no less deadly. As parents, we must be sure to encase our children in a covering of prayer. Although they must interact with this broken world, they do not have to be destroyed by it. We must pray daily for our children. Moses went into the river like all the other Hebrew infants, but because of his covering, he was allowed to grow into the rescuing leader of all Hebrews.   

As we read on in Exodus 2:1-10, something remarkable happens. Pharaoh’s daughter takes pity on baby Moses and chooses to care for him. Miriam, Moses’ sister steps out of the brush and offers to help find someone to care for the baby. So Pharaoh’s daughter hire’s Jochebed to take the baby home and nurse him. ISN’T THIS AMAZING?! Rather than the baby being killed by Pharaoh, Pharaoh is now paying Jochebed to care for and raise her own son! In this time, children would be nursed by their mothers for many years. In the 6-10 years that the child remained in Jochebed’s care, she was free to teach Moses about their God, the Hebrew history and culture, and watch him build deep bonds with his two older siblings, Miriam and Aaron. Jochebed knew that the child must be returned to Pharaoh’s palace, but she could provide him with an intimate knowledge of their faith before then.

The beauty of God’s plan is that by having Moses raised in Pharaoh’s home, he was given the best education the world had to offer. Very few people in all of the world were literate, much less given a 5 star education.  Moses was most likely trained in multiple dialects, advanced mathematics, and administration of a large government. Combine that with a deep bond to the Hebrew people, and it is clear that God had the perfect plan for preparing a great leader.

We have the privilege of living in a culture today that has some of the best opportunities for education and development, but these institutions only provide a small part of what our children will need. It is our responsibility as parents to keep our children in a healthy church and raise our children in a healthy home that exemplifies Christ, regularly prays, worships, and reads the bible, and reminds them that living a life fully devoted to God is the only life worth living. 

PROVERBS 22:6 says Train a child up in the way they should go, so that when they grow, they will not depart from it.

Jochebed only had a few years with Moses, 10 at the most. She was probably long passed before he became the great leader we know him as today. It wasn’t until Moses was 80 years old that he took up the role God and Jochebed raised him up for, but let that be an inspiration and challenge to all of us parents and church leaders. Our job is to cover our children in prayer and train them up in serving God, so that when they are adults, 20 years old, 35 years old, or even 80 years old, they have been prepared for who God intends them to be.

Blessings and Peace

by Natalie Salinas on Dec 02, 2014

Each year the holiday season allows me to step back and look at all the blessings that God put in my life that year. He never fails me, and ALWAYS amazes me with how much he blesses me, my family, and the people around me.

This past Sunday, as we were taking communion as a church, I was able to step back and see how many amazing families God has blessed our church with. I was able to see how much He has done in each individual life. He is so faithful and who are we to EVER have doubt in his ability to provide nothing but the BEST for us.

What is different about this year, is that even though everything with family may not be perfect, I am able to fully look at the blessings and the good in my life. It’s not that I am trying to ignore problems; It’s just that I have been able to fully give those situations to God. Philippians 4:6-7 says “Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need and thank him for all he has done. Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus.”

As you go about the rest of this year, take time to step back and give thanks for all the blessings God has put in your life. Fully give him all your worries, and pray that you will feel that peace. The peace that passes all understanding.


by Elisha Garcia on Nov 18, 2014

Change is something every person experiences and few people are good at dealing with. Change, like Texas summer heat, or crazy family members, is something that is inevitable to life.

A few years back I was speaking with a friend who dropped the line, “Change is good, when change is good”. This sunk in and played over and over in mind. Change is good…when change is good. We are okay with change as long as it benefits us. And, if those benefits can happen in a quick timely manner, all the more power to said change.

Ecclesiastes 3 shows an incredible example of the change that is inherent to life, “1 There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens. a time to be born and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to uproot, 3 a time to kill and a time to heal, a time to tear down and a time to build, 4 a time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance…” The truth about change is that it’s inevitable, that much of the time it’s unexpected, and it’s not always “pleasant”.

So, what happens when change isn’t good? What happens when change brings heart ache? Or difficulty? What happens when change leaves us in an uncomfortable place and we’re not really sure where/what to move on to? There are 3 things I try to put into practice when I find myself in a season/moment of big change:

1. PRAY – Nothing can yield greater answers, insight, or peace than spending time in prayer. James 5:16 The prayer of a righteous person has great power. Prayer moves mountains. Prayer caused the sun to stand still and the Red Sea to be parted. Prayer is powerful because of who is on the other side listening. Don’t underestimate prayer.

2. ASK – In the midst of change I ask myself “What is God wanting to show me during this time?” & “What can I learn about myself / about life?” These two questions can bring about clarity, and even a power, to the change you’re walking through. If you knew that your change was bringing about a strength to your faith, or producing a greater trust in Christ, then your mindset about that change can shift. It becomes less about “Why is this happening to me?” and more about “What does God want to accomplish through me?”

3. MOVE – Change can be incredibly paralyzing, especially when the change you’re experiencing is difficult. Though change is inevitable, it doesn’t have to immobilize you. “Easy for you to say. You haven’t gone through what I’m going through.” I may not have experienced what you have/are, but I do know that “…He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus” Phil 1:6. God isn’t finished with you. Make a the decision to move forward knowing that God is in you, with you, and for you!

If you’re experiencing change, you’re not alone. If it hurts, is difficult, and doesn’t make sense, then run to the One who understands the change you’re walking through.


by Ana Horn on Sep 25, 2014

Lately, I’ve found myself busy, busy, busy. Maybe it’s just the time of year: work ramps up, preschool for my kid begins, and my calendar fills up with many social events and obligations. I’ve noticed that the busier I get, the more overwhelmed I get. And the more overwhelmed I get, the less patience I have. And the thinner my patience is, the more frustrating and difficult other people in my life become. I know, I know. I’m the worst. But, you know it’s true! The more hectic MY life gets, the less time and energy I have for YOU and your craziness and your problems.

I hate this. I hate that it’s so easy and natural to be consumed with myself. I hate that I start to see people as problems, obligations, and weights to carry. At the same time, though, I hope people give me grace during this “busy” season, and they overlook my craziness and my problems. So hypocritical, right?

And as I’m trying to scramble through life right now, God quickly reminds me that we are all just doing our best. We are all created in His image, and we all carry worth; we are all valuable. God left the 99 for the 1, you know? Because God saw gold in that 1. And when I get frustrated or annoyed with people, I’ve forgotten that immense value each person has. Ironically, the thing (people) that frustrate me the most are actually the most important part of my life. Not things. Not tasks. Not events. People. I’ve forgotten that people are worth everything to God, and that they should be to me too.

So God nudges me, despite my crazy schedule, to look harder. To dig deeper and care enough to find the worth in someone else. Yes, some people’s “gold” may be more hidden and require more digging to find, but it’s there. And I’ll have to stop thinking about myself for a few moments and my hands will probably get dirty, but He shows me that there is value to be found in all those around us.

I may never see people the way God is able to, but I know that if I can slow down enough to see the gold in others, the more rich my life will be. In the easy times and in the crazy times, always dig for the gold.

Framing Your Failures

by Rachel Hunter on Sep 10, 2014

I know you can learn a lot from your mistakes, but I still REALLY hate making them. So much so, that I sometimes freeze… for… a… long… time… to avoid the possibility of failing. But as I watched the movie, “Mom’s Night Out” with the LC ladies on Monday night, a certain scene really spoke to me. I’ll set it up for you:

The main character was having a mommy crisis. She was overwhelmed in every way and felt like a failure. Her daughter had drawn all over the living room wall and this was just one more piece of the crazy puzzle she felt trapped in. As she sought the Lord and began to breathe, she realized that who God made her to be was more than enough for her role as wife and mother. She let God’s perfect design speak to her and she started to see her life through a different lens. That’s when they pan over to her daughter’s scribbled drawings on the wall and show that this newly refreshed mom had put beautiful frames around each drawing. Something that COULD have been very bitter, became very sweet. Single tear.

What a beautiful way to look at the twists, turns, upsets and mistakes we never intended to make. God does this for us. He somehow works good out of everything. Romans 8:28 “And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God…”

To further confirm this today, my friend “randomly” mentioned an article on Kintsukuroi, (Japanese: golden repair) the Japanese art of fixing broken pottery with lacquer resin mixed with powdered gold. It is a symbol of brokenness and repair becoming part of the history of an object, rather than something to disguise. Basically it is the art of making a mistake into a masterpiece! That is who and what we are! Every single day our failures, our past, our weaknesses are being turned into masterpieces by the power and grace of our God. Isaiah 68:1 tells us that God gives us beauty in exchange for our ashes, the oil of joy instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair.

I’m so thankful that when, not if, I (or those around me) fail, God is faithful to work something beautiful from the pieces. He is oh so good like that.

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7 Life-Giving Habits

by Christian Conatser on Aug 29, 2014

All of us have habits of which we are not proud: nose-picking, sleeping late, smoking, nail-biting, bad-eating. There are countless methods people employ to rid themselves of these compulsions, but on a whole, the human race generally loses the battle against bad habits. Many have suggested that this may be because we spend too much time, energy, and focus on the bad habits, and not enough time, energy, and focus on the good habits. If we were more diligent to build the right kind of habits into our lives, these may very well begin to eliminate the wrong ones as a ripple effect. Here are 7 habits that, if added to one’s life, would produce greater success in every other area:

Early To Bed, Early To Rise
The early 20’s version of myself thought this was so lame, but it is absolutely one of the most important habits in the lives of successful people. Don’t let yourself believe that you are either a morning-person or a night-owl. In many cases, you are who you decide to be. We are biologically made to go to sleep just after sundown, and wake up just before sun rise.

Quiet Time
Whether it is reflection time, journaling, praying or reading scripture, adding 15-30 minutes of quiet time in solitude is an important part of sustaining sanity, health, and growth.

Family Dinner
It may be old-fashioned, but it’s good for the soul. Gathering everyone around the table for one meal of the day will be beneficial for the whole family. In an age of primary contact taking place through social media, real human interaction is essential to children’s development… and ours too!

Day Of Rest
Of all God’s commandments, this is one that He emphasized the greatest when sharing it to Moses. Nobody knows our hearts, minds, and bodies like God, and He designed us to function best with 6 days of hard labor, followed by one day of holy rest. This is a real challenge in today’s culture, so you have to make it happen.

“Coffee” With A Friend
The older we get, the easier it is to separate ourselves from quality time with friends. It is vitally important to set apart 2 or 3 times each month to spend with a friend, discuss life, confess issues, and encourage one another. Be wise in your choice of companions, then keep consistent time with them.

Great leaders are always trying to reinvent and reinvigorate the church, but it always comes back to the principles laid out for us by God’s people in Acts 2:

– gathering regularly to worship and learn together (Sunday service)
– frequently breaking bread together in each other’s homes (Life Groups)

Getting together with fellow believers will always be one of the most important life habits you can establish.

Say “I Love You”
There are many ways to show the people in your life that you care about them; writing them a card, giving them a gift, serving them or spending quality time with them. All of these things are great and should be done regularly, but they cannot take the place of actually saying the words “I Love You”. Say it often to your spouse and your children. Don’t leave them with any doubt on the subject!

All of us want to rid ourselves of our bad habits, and we should. Over time, If we focus on adding new habits, they will drive the old one’s away.

Your Camp Moment

by Elisha Garcia on Jul 29, 2014

One of the greatest moments of the year for youth ministries across the nation is youth camp. Every summer students and leaders load up in buses, readying themselves for late nights, early mornings and pitted competition.

A few years ago we began labeling this as the “greatest week of your life”. Whether it was from repetition, or it became true, this line stuck. Every year we’ve seen a numerical increase of students who have attended youth camp, and every year we see students / leaders talking about how camp is “the best week of your life”. It’s fun to listen to the chatter and stories during the weeks leading up to camp. Students recounting their experiences and favorite moments during the 5 days that forever changed their lives. 9 times out of 10 if you ask a student what their favorite part was, they’ll say the services. It won’t be the games or the lake. It won’t be the competition, and it certainly won’t be the food. Most students you ask will talk about the worship where they felt God for the first time. They’ll tell you about the message that spoke to exactly where they were in life. They’ll tell you about the altar call where they experienced God in a new and powerful way. They recount miraculous healing(s) they saw. They’ll talk about their decision to be baptized, and their eagerness to tell the world about who God is and what He did for them.

As a youth pastor, this is my favorite moment. I love spending time with students and leaders. I love the bad nachos, and the team competition, but I LOVE seeing the transformation of a students life, and the faith that is built during this week. Getting to see the life change in a student is incredible. When we say that this is going to be the greatest week of their life, we mean it. July was the month our students had their experience, and the stories that came as a result are continuing to be written. I continue to hear what God is doing in them. I see the evidence(s) of true life change. The very expressions on students face (complacency to passion) is evident.

I share this because it challenges me as a an almost 30 year old man to have my own transformation. God doesn’t just do things in the lives of kids and students during one month of summer. God transforms lives 24/7, and I’d venture to say He’s wanting to do more in our lives than we can think or dream. I have to have my own “camp experience(s)”. You, you have to have your own camp experience(s). We have to create moments where we push distraction to the side, get alone with God, and pursue Him in a life changing way.

Even as you read this, you’re probably asking yourself, “when is the last time I had a moment like he’s describing?” If the answer is hard to recall…it’s probably been too long. But, don’t feel shame or condemnation. Feel encouragement. James 4:8 says “Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you.” Our relationship with Christ is not meant to be cat and mouse. The equation is simple. If you want transformation, life change, healing, power, strength, answers, peace, provision…draw near to God. He will draw near to you.

Go after your own camp moment, and you will find it.

All’s Fair In Love

by Timm Horton on Jul 16, 2014

POGs. Beanie Babies. Comic books.

Like any true child of the 90’s, I had them all. And I just knew that one day, they were going to make me rich beyond my wildest dreams. Yes, as a kids I had many precious treasures, but none I prized more than my Pokemon cards. And not just any cards. Only the rarest and most incredible (like my holographic 1st edition Charizard). And like many of my peers, I was frequently involved in the often unscrupulous and somewhat seedy trading market for these cards. And I was the best. I could wheel and deal with the best of them, and more than once I took advantage of younger, less experienced players, preying on their lack of foresight and trapping them into a “bad trade.”

There are entire TV channels devoted to these kind of “bad trades.” The faces and names change, but it is always inevitably the same story: some sort of shiny, flashy, must-have new object that generally holds no value for it’s new misguided owner. I always had a nose for this sort of thing, so you could imagine my surprise as a young kid when I stumbled upon perhaps the worst trade in all of history in the Bible:

“You see, at just the right time, when we were still powerless, Christ died for the ungodly. Very rarely will anyone die for a righteous person, though for a good person someone might possibly dare to die. But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” Romans 5:6-8

My experience in 90’s memorabilia has been no help in this area, and I’ve always struggled with this verse. Before I was profitable, before I was a sure bet and before I was mutually beneficial, God bet the farm on me. He raised the stakes and went all in, giving His most precious possession in exchange for an enemy.

I took the birth of my son to help me understand. On June 7th, Bethany and I were blessed with the birth of our first son, Jude David Horton. And immediately, it was clear to both of us that this was love at first sight. And he hadn’t even done anything yet. Before I knew anything about his quirks and personality. Before he spoke his first words. Before he ever bought me anything or made me a gift. He received my love, and everything I had. Not because he deserved it. Not because it’s even fair. But because he’s my son. All’s fair in love.

For the first time in my life, I understood God’s love, grace and mercy in a brand new way. I understood His love for me in my love for Jude.

I am grateful that God does not see me as a business deal. That He doesn’t size me up based on what I will bring Him or give Him. Scripture tells me that all of His love and all of His power and all of His resources are mine. Not because I deserve it. Not because it’s even fair. But because I’m His son/daughter. And you are too!

And all’s fair in love.

Best week ever!

by Truston Baba on Jun 04, 2014

As a kid, the best day of the year, other than Christmas, was the last day of school! The anticipation leading up to that day was almost overwhelming! On the last day, I remember riding the bus home, knowing once I stepped off the bus I was FREE! For threee whole months, it meant no more math tests, no more homework and no more riding that smelly bus! I don’t know about you, but summer brings back a flood of great memories like family vacations, going swimming everyday, and eating snow cones whenever possible. Some of my favorite and most memorable summer memories all took place one particular week every summer: the week I was at church camp. Going to camp was a whole other level of freedom. No parents, no chores, no making my bed. It was amazing! Every year from 6 years old all the way through High School I went to camp. My parents every year would sign me up, pay the money, pack my bag and off I would go. Those 4 or 5 days were the highlight of my summer. I always looked forward to going because I got to play crazy games, stay up late, eat way too much candy, and only take a shower by jumping in the pool. When I think back to my childhood I can only recall a few memories that took place in a classroom, but I can recall hundreds that took place over a few weeks of camp. I remember entering a contest to see who could eat the most goldfish. The guy who ate the most won a bunch of points for their team. I ate 26! I remember sneaking into the girls cabin and hitting them with water balloons. I remember winning a belly flop contest into the mud pit. I have tons of fun memories!

But more than just fun memories at camp, I had life changing moments. I remember the first time I felt God speak to me and knew without a doubt He was real. I remember the first time listening to someone preach and feeling like they were talking right to me. I remember the first time God used me to pray over someone and speak into their life.

Right before school let out my junior year I won first prize in a young engineers program I was in. With that win, I received a college scholarship to Kettering University and a paid internship. I went off to camp and I felt like I had a plan for what I was going to do with the rest of my life. I remember that week at camp God getting a hold of me like He had never done before. I remember feeling like I was called to do something more with my life than what I planned. Throughout that week God used multiple people to prophetically speak to me and open my eyes to my real gifting and calling. It was at a altar time that week that I committed my life to follow God anywhere He wanted to lead me. Its because of that camp that I am who I am today.

I’m in no way saying that if you go to camp you will become a pastor, obviously all of us have different callings. I am saying that at camp you’re in an environment where you’re able to hear God in a different way than at home. There’s just something about being away from all the distractions at home that allows people to focus on God in a greater way. As an adult, I genuinely miss the camp experience and have been praying about how we can in the future create that atmosphere for adults at LC. Pastor Garret Booth always says “one week at camp is equal to one year of spiritual maturity in a child.” I couldn’t agree with this idea more. Personally, I went to camp for 12 years so that added 12 years of spiritual maturity to my life. I have to be honest, when I graduated from high school at 18 I was still very immature, I mean I was a serious goofball! But 18 years of regular spiritual development plus 12 additional years of camp maturity gave me this weird 30 year old spiritual maturity inside a goofy 18 year old kid body. And it’s that spiritual maturity that kept me out of big trouble and has guided me throughout life.

So, parents, no matter the hurdle, send your kid to camp. Not only will they have a fun week, but God has something huge in store for them. Plus, everyone needs to eat a goldfish! Ha!

The Business Of Prayer

by Christian Conatser on May 06, 2014

Years ago, my sister told me about a dream she had experienced. The dream inspired my imagination to create a story about heaven. Although it doesn’t speak to a biblical example of heavenly operations, it does support God’s biblical promise in Matthew 21:22, “Whatever you ask in my name, it shall be given to you.” In this story, an angel allows a peak into the business office in which the angels do their work:

Entering into a large office area, I saw rows and rows of cubicles. Angels were busily scurrying around the grid made by these cubicles filing paper work and delivering important messages. On each cubicle desk there were stacks of file organizers – the type used to hold slips of paper and folders labeled with categories. Some of these organizers created a stack of 3 or 4 on top of one another, others stacked as high as the eye could see, and yet there were others that sat alone, holding very little. The label on each organizer read the names of people on earth: Matthew Russel, Catherine Barnet, Maria Gonzales... In each person’s file, the busy angels were carefully adding papers to the stacks.

The angel explained that there was a file organizer for every person ever born on earth – 40 billion and counting. In their organizers were slips of paper, and on each slip of paper was a specific request made on behalf of that person. Some of these prayers were a personal request, and others were requests made by that person’s family, pastors, and friends. God had given explicit instructions to the angels that these request were to be “Properly filed without error!” It was the Lord’s prerogative to be sure that His eternity would be spent addressing each request. The angel continued explaining with extreme seriousness that no prayer would go unanswered; the Lord would grant the request no matter how small or how large.

As I strolled down the many aisles of cubicles, the angel directed my attention to a particular organizer. As I looked closer I saw my name. I was astounded! The organizers with my name produced one of the highest stacks in this giant room. I had never realized so many were praying for me. As I shuffled through the slips of prayer, I saw submissions from so many different people, most of which were names I hardly recognized. I paused on one of the requests with a name I hadn’t heard for over 25 years; it was a request made by my 2nd grade elementary teacher:

Time Stamp: 10/18/1988 Tuesday 06:32
Submission by: Theresa Marks 

“Jesus, thank you for the incredible blessing that Christian is to the world. I ask that you will grant him strength and wisdom throughout his life. When he experiences difficulty, may he feel the nearness of your presence and learn to always call on your name. Help me Lord to provide him the very best love and instruction. Amen.”

Tears filled my eyes as I realized that a teacher from so many years ago had been so diligent in praying for me; that this simple prayer request was accounted for in heaven; that God was carefully planning to answer her request on my behalf.

Full of joy and hope, I continued walking, when I noticed a lonely organizer labeled with a name I did not recognize. It caught my attention because, unlike my own, it was completely empty. The angel explained that this was just one of many that had zero submissions. Although so many struggled through family crisis, addiction, cancer, and heartache, there was no one who had made a request for God’s intervention. These people had never been instructed to make their requests known to God, and had no one speaking to God on their behalf. Tears streamed down the angel’s face, “If only people understood how much of God’s work is responding to the requests of His children. Nothing brings Him more joy.”

Reflect on this story, albeit fictitious, of the business of heaven:

  • How does it feel to know that every request made by you or by others on your behalf are carefully organized and addressed by God?
  • Is there a person in your sphere of relationships that has yet to be prayed for?

Let’s make it a priority this a priority in our lives: that everyone around us will get a prayer submission from us in heaven on their behalf.

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